Latijns-Amerika in Beweging


25 april 2017
/ Debat/Lezing

Venezuela: After the Bolivarian Revolution, with Clifton Ross

/ Utrecht
/ 19:30

In the 21st century, the rise of Chávez in Venezuela and Morales in Bolivia
raised hopes for major changes in Latin America. However, after the rise of
the so called 'Pink Tide' and vibrant social movement activity of the last
decade, nowadays hope seems to have dashed away. These past few years have
seen a worrisome move back to the right in the region. To understand what
is going on, we ask author and filmmaker Clifton Ross: what happened with
the Pink Tide?

- Were does the recent shift to the right in Latin America come from?
- What does this shift mean for the future of social movements, the
Bolivarian revolution and Socialism of the 21st Century?
- What lessons can we draw from the successes and failures of left
governments and social movements in Latin America?
- What does international solidarity with Venezuela look like in 2017?

Clifton Ross is a writer, translator and filmmaker who lives in Berkeley,
California. For the past thirty-five years he’s reported on revolutionary
and social movements of Latin America and the United States, and has
translated and published poetry, essays and other works from Spanish. His
most recent book, co-edited with his wife, Marcy Rein, Until the Rulers
Obey: Voices from Latin American Social Movements, was published in 2014 by
PM Press. His Home from the Dark Side of Utopia, (2016) details his life on
the left and his changing loyalties in Venezuela.

This event will be in English.



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